Saturday, 23 January 2016

Melting in passion: Lines Across Oceans by Nalini Priyadarshni and D. Russel Micnhimer

Poetry is about expression, words, and imagery. It is not enough that you have a sentiment to express or a story to tell. You must use the right words in the right context and build an image that carries the reader right into the sentiment you feel. Or even better, create a sentiment for the reader that only s/he can enter at that time.

The beauty of the love poems in Lines Across Oceans is that they transcend time, space and existence, and take the reader to a plane inhabited solely by the emotion called love. Love here is not only the rosy and the dreamy, but also one that hurts and disassembles you.

The poems focus on the physical side of love, with a broad theme of longing and union. You hear both the male voice and the female voice, but mostly the tone is androgynous, which serves to assert that love has no gender.

The imagery is intricate and powerful. The complex metaphors create mind-pictures that will stay with you for long. Sample this (from Defining Destiny):

Hot tip of your tongue
Like the tip of a dagger
Pierces my dreams
Bringing my sword from
Its scabbard
To sharpen it
On the edge
Of your breath.

Or this (from Your Name):

I like the way it tickles  my lips
Smearing the edges of my mouth
Like lipstick after a stolen kiss

The lines are erotic without being vulgar, evocative without being provocative. For example (from Moon Pie, one of my favourites in this collection):

Let me put the brightest piece of moon
On your tongue
And lick the crumbs clean from your lips

Another one, from Blossom of Wondrous Heart: A mondoka:

I wrap your spry musk
Around my shoulders
Let your fingers trace desires
Along my sizzling brown back
Whispering forgotten lores
To solitude of my soul

Nalini and Russel have used various forms and patterns, which keeps the poems from becoming repetitive. This is a collection you can revisit and relish each time.

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