Tuesday, 10 January 2017


#NewYearNewMe may be all about health and fitness, but reading challenges are a thing of habit to me by now. This year, again, I’ve devised my own reading challenge. The challenge contains books I already own, to make sourcing easier. There’s also an affinity to Indian writing that I can’t get over!
I intend to read 50 books at the very least, in the following categories:
  1. A biography of a writer 
  2. A book based on a fairy tale 
  3. A book based on mythology 
  4. A book by a Bengali writer 
  5. A book by a Japanese writer 
  6. A book by a Kannada writer 
  7. A book by an African writer 
  8. A book by an author you don’t like 
  9. A book by an Indian diaspora writer 
  10. A book by your favourite author 
  11. A book by a Malayali writer 
  12. A book by a Marathi writer 
  13. A book from your neighbouring country 
  14. A book of poems 
  15. A book of short stories 
  16. A book from Oprah’s book club 
  17. A book recommended by a friend 
  18. A book that has been gifted to you 
  19. A book that was made into a movie 
  20. A book whose cover you love 
  21. A book with feminist overtones 
  22. A book with LGBT overtones 
  23. A book with more than 4* ratings on Goodreads 
  24. A book you have owned for long but not yet read 
  25. A book you started reading but did not finish earlier 
  26. A Buzzfeed recommendation 
  27. A children’s book 
  28. A detective novel 
  29. A fantasy 
  30. A free ebook 
  31. A historical fiction 
  32. A horror 
  33. A humourous book 
  34. A national award-winning book 
  35. An international award-winning book 
  36. A non-fiction book by an Indian 
  37. A play 
  38. A romance 
  39. A science fiction 
  40. A thriller 
  41. A travelogue 
  42. A war book 
  43. An ancient book 
  44. An autobiography/memoir 
  45. Re-read a book you read in school/college 
  46. A translated work in your mother tongue 
  47. A self-published writer’s book
  48. A book borrowed from a friend 
  49. A book published in 2017 
  50. A graphic novel
Based on these, I made a TBR jar for 2017, in which I put in 52 titles under these headings. 

I’ll pick up one each time I want to read a one, and this way the books would be both pre-decided and by chance! Since I’m bound to read over 100 books, this TBR jar contains only serious reading. The rest I’ll pick up based on my whimsy! I’ve set my Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge to 52, and I am all set to start! Oh wait, I’ve already finished 6 books, and #nowreading 2 versions of Ramayana side-by-side — one by Ralph Griffith and another by C. Rajagopalachari. #happyme 

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