Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The Longing


It comes unbeckoned to none.

Begged for, waited for, tantalized,
And yet dalaying till ‘The Time’ comes.

Peace, tranquility- its synonyms,
Are further away.

I thirst to reach there.

In the rush and flow of life,
I have often missed its shores.

But once I do want to reach there.

I wish ‘The Time’ would come sooner.
The longing grows, and grows,
And grows, and grows, and…

Wednesday, 17 October 2007


‘All the darkness in this world
cannot put out a candle that is lit.’

So goes a Chinese proverb.

A ray of hope, they say,
can shatter all despair to irreparable pieces.

But where is the person to light the candle?
Who is the one to give me hope?

Candles are lit,
Every day,
In the lives of thousands.

But here I am,
Waiting with a candle in hand
For someone to light it…