Friday, 30 May 2014

My first ebook of poems!

So finally, I have taken my first baby step in publishing. Here is my first free share and download ebook - 'My Heart is Your Brothel'. It's a collection of poems on infatuation, crush, love, call it what you may.

The book can be downloaded in .mobi, .epub and PDF formats. To download, however, you have to share the book link via Facebook or Twitter. To do that, click on the green 'Share and Download' button that you see when the page opens, allow Papyrus Editor to access your Facebook/Twitter profile and share the link. Once that is done, the green button on the ebook page will change to 'Instant Download', clicking which you can get the files.

I hope whoever reads this post will also download the ebook (it's just 18 pages long, so don't hesitate!), read it, share it and leave comments for me, the poet, either here, or to my twitter handle @namithavr.

Happy reading!