Wednesday, 26 December 2012


I had no choice but to hear you;
You stated your case time and again;
I thought about it,
And said you are right,
But would you have taken
any other reply?

You said I was wrong,
I did not argue;
You said I was a selfish pig
And I nodded my head;
You said I had an ego the size of an elephant,
I looked up and smiled at your delicate face;
You said I was mad, lazy and arrogant,
I tilted my head and wondered
why your voice sounded so faraway....

I thought of the day you said that you loved me,
I remembered the way you took my palm in yours and kissed them,
I could feel even now the breath from when you first kissed me....

There were promises of happiness,
of joy and togetherness,
But all we do these days
is try not to look
at each other's face....

There was a hope that
I shall belong with you,
But all that happened is
that I alienated you too...

No lawyer to fight my case,
I wished I could end this race
by just vaporizing into thin air;

... I have no choice but to hear you
and nod my head as I always do...

PS: I owe the first three lines to Alanis Morissette's Head Over Feet.