Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The moment

It’s in the moment that time freezes.
All our lives,
We all wait for the moment.
The moment when love will shine on us,
From the beyond,
From the horizons of the universe,
From the depths of our souls….

The moment,
When nothing is defined
And yet you find a meaning
Unlike you’ve ever met.

The moment,
When everything is distorted
And yet the shape guides you,
Protects you,
Ensconces you….

The moment,
Lasting forever in the depths of your memories,
Walking up to you unawares
And throttling you into a self you never knew existed.

That moment,
My friends,
Is what you and I are worthy of.
The destination set upon us by Time.
The movement held still,
The silence of voices
Penetrating the calm of our existence.

It’s in the moment that time freezes.