Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Some haikus and senryus

These haikus and senryus were written via my Twitter profile over the last few months. Just compiling them here.

*These micropoems do not strictly adhere to the traditional haiku/senryu styles. The only consistent feature is that they are in the 17 syllable (5-7-5) format.

petrichor ~
makes me want to make
love to you

                                                                                              Raindrops spluttering
                                                                                              on the window sill ~
                                                                                              cool wind in my eyes
blooms in the garden
mocking my melancholy
look at the bright side

                                                                                              aching to fill the  
                                                                                              void left by your memories, 
                                                                                              the mind is numbed

The faraway moon
lending its light to the night
calms my writhing heart

                                                                                              Numb fingers
                                                                                              cold feet
                                                                                              burning heart

On cold sleepless nights,
with shivering hearts,
we face our demons.

                                                                                              Cold monsoon winds blow
                                                                                              coffee and music drown me;
                                                                                              wonder where is love.

My freezing fingers
ache for you ~
hold me tight.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

10 Things To Do Before I Die

Glean a baby’s smile
steal a cat’s cuteness
gather the raindrops and make a necklace;
touch the whispers of the wind
feel the murmurs of the stream
drink a bowlful of moonlight
breathe in the sunlight and glow from within;
travel on the sound of the chugging train
sleep on the froth of a rising tide
walk a mile in my mother’s shoes.

If I can do these before I die,
why, death would then hardly count.