Sunday, 6 September 2009


Blisters of a rotten love
Pierce the skin,
Shear through the heart.

I lie,
Sick and tired,
Waiting for the pain to fade away
Under an aceclofenac's influence.

A certain numbness saves the heart
From shedding a lava of pain
Through the eyes.

The wounds will heal, no doubt,
The pain will subside quite fast too.

But a scar will remain
Deep in that area,
Where I saved your memories and worshipped them.

I shall make sure you don't see it,
Because I know it pains you too.

While I try to move on,
Away from the dreams we shared,
and the hopes I cultured,
You shall be getting used to a new life.

My love,
Remember me in those dark dreams
that you're scared to share with anyone.
Keep me in those secrets you would only whisper to yourself.
I shall find my solace in them.