Saturday, 7 January 2012


ज़रा सी आहट आई तुम्हारी 
और दिल मचल गया;
ज़रा सा छू लिया तूने बदन 
तो साँसे थम गयी;
ऐ जानेमन रुक जा वहीँ
वरना तेरे रोनक से मेरा आँचल जल जाएगा....

Friday, 6 January 2012

I Love You

I’m not afraid to tell the world
That I am in love with you.
There’s no running away,
No stopping it,
This feeling that you arouse in me.

The world is not such a bad place after all,
Now that I am in your arms.
Nothing’s gonna make me feel otherwise
No fear, no shame, no games,
All that is there
Is that I love you.

I cannot put this best in words,
But the feeling’s growing upon me
Now that I am in your arms,
The very air I breathe
Is filled with our love.

Let our love be criticized,
Let it be gossiped or penalized,
But there’s no limits of how I feel about you
And there’s nothing to make me worry,
Now that I’m in your arms.

Hold me tight
And hold me well,
Lest I slip
From your arms;
But then again,
What more should bind us
Than the beautiful love we share.