Sunday, 24 April 2016

Book Review: His Runaway Royal Bride by Tanu Jain

How does one judge a Mills & Boon romance? Do we go ahead with reviewing the plot, characterisation, language and other facets as usual, or do we ignore some parts of it considering it is meant for pulp consumption?

I haven’t read many M&B. I think this is just my second. But yes, I’ve read a few romances that fall into this category. I haven’t enjoyed any of them much, because they are NOT my cup of tea. I can only read so much about damsels in distress or even not in distress and knights in shining (or not) armour. There is only so much tough-guy-delicate-girl that I can consume without insulting my sensibilities.

I received His Runaway Royal Bride by Tanu Jain as part of a giveaway. I read it only because of the moral obligation I felt towards the author for having sent me signed copy. Reading about the conservative royalty in a modern set-up was regressive to say the least. I am from a royal family personally, so I know that the world now longer works on the basis of titles and family heritage! 

There are hardly a handful of royal families in India that still attract the “ji huzoors” and “Maharani saheba” deference. However, to be fair, despite the titles, the family dynamics were quite similar to any average middle class Indian joint family – the rumour-mongering, jealousy, conservativeness, spite.

I thought it was twisted and perverted the way the lead characters – Meethi and Veer – are supposed to feel wildly attracted to the other when on the same page a few words above they had been seething in anger, fear or distrust. I skipped over most of the description of the sexual attraction and action between Meethi and Veer – the descriptions were clichéd, and added nothing to the story. There was way too much stress on the beauty and handsomeness of the characters and every little thing seemed to lead to sexual action. Even going clothes-shopping could not be spared the throbbing members and explosions of lust! Loins, throbbing member, melting in the arms, tight erection, strong hands, sweet spot, thrusting, feeling of vulnerability… nah, not how I’d like to understand the characters’ passion for each other. Where do we draw the line between erotica/pornographic literature and a Mills & Boon?

The plot, however, was pacy and this was a quick read overall. Much of the elements of the book, however, appeared clichéd to me. In short, I did not enjoy reading this. But for the teenagers who like to fantasise, this could be a feel-gooder. 

I received this book as part of the Tornado Giveaway 2 by The Book Club.