Saturday, 8 September 2007

Failure poems

A shake of hands,

Few words exchanged,
And then a kiss
To seal my fate.
When I opened my eyes,
His part of the dream was over.
I wait for someoneto fill that part.


Like a pigeon on the window sill,
My heart waited for an entry
Into yours.
But the authoritative hands
of someone in there,
Drove me out.
I cannot fly far away;
I laid an egg in there.
I wanted you to know,
by barging in now and then,
But you never took the cue.

And now,
You have barred the doors.
My poor egg-
it lies-
unknown even to you.
Hope you check your attic
And at least discard it.

I don’t have the strength
to look at it again
in case I can get in again.


The atmosphere is radiating
in the glow of the fireworks,
And reverberating with their sound.
Here I am,
Unable to revel in the display,
Lost in the thoughts that set my heart afire,
Uncontrolled even by the ocean of the eyes.

And like hot lava flowing into water
And cooling itself,

The heart finds refuge in the eyes.
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