Tuesday, 16 September 2008


When your eyes are searching for that spot of love in mine,
I try not to look away; I give out no sign
That the love which held us together for years
Has suddenly disappeared like the mist clears.

I never realised, am sure nor did you,
That like ancient ink, love could fade too.
When we sang those songs of togetherness, long ago,
I never thought we could be separate so.

Mind you, it is no fault of you or me,
It is just a matter of destiny.
We over-worked our charms, you see,
We forgot to water the plant regularly.

And as we slide out of our slimy web,
We do not even match our step,
So I move fast, you move faster,
And our love goes frigid, like some plaster.

Love, old love, apologies.
We can no longer sing the same melodies.
Let us move away, in peace and calm,
Knowing we can no longer be in the same swarm.
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