Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Carnal delights

A breeze of calm
surrounds me.

Where am I,
What am I?
and why?
The existential questions dissolve into thin air and waft off.

The thoughts
of those rotten love affairs
and grotesque career dreams
Take shape and break up.

Culinary delights,
and sleep are all I know now.

The smells of chicken fry
and coconut oil,
The taste of payasam
and crispy pappadums,
Take me away with them.

My senses are chasing
A lap of comfort,
A shoulder to lean on,
And some lullabies.
Carnal delights are all I need now.

Let the thoughts and dreams
of arrogant rationality
Suffocate themselves in the overbearing mind.
Let them die the brutal death of repression.

And when their ghosts come fleeting by in dreams,
I shall scream out in delight,
My carnal delight.
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