Thursday, 21 October 2010

Snippets from a poet's mind

The eyes once refused
to see the colours of hope.
And now the darkness has settled upon them.

We heard a song together once
And rode upon its lyrics to heaven.
I came crashing down when the CD got stuck,
And you got stuck in the audio output wire.

Those memories pain me yet.
What do they do to you, dear?

I want to be like the tides,
That rejoice in nothing but the frolic
of carrying memories
but not in burden, not in pain.

I look out of the window every time
I hear the mating screech of kites.
They care not for a dime
Of my two watchful eyes.

I watch the clock tick,
Listen to the chirp of birds,
Feel the breeze from the ceiling fan,
Follow the notes of my thoughts.

I'm quite busy, darling.
No time for sorrows, loneliness or pain.

True to my word,
I didn't speak to you so long.
But what about the million conversations
We carry out in my head every day?
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