Monday, 14 July 2008

While Musing...

Today, have had more than
enough and yet nothing...
heaps of memories, but
nothing to hold on to...

Phases by phases, stages by
stages, life moves on...
a sojourn of the soul in
the mortal world, where
nothing is permanent...

Time to grow philosophical.
Time to play the blame game--
the Fate, the Gods, the
Society, Parents, Friends, the
Time to consider how fickle
everything in life is.
Time to shed a few tears
on your losses.
Time to prepare oneself
for more.

Prayer -- God! give me the
strength to live through life;
determination to not give up.
Capacity to stand up against
all odds;
ability to smile at everything.
Do not deny me experiences--
harsh or good; but help me
endure them.

Mistakes pile up like dust
on an abandoned bookshelf.
Experiments of trial and error
become experiences and memories.
Some rankle during ruminations.
Whom to blame? And why?

Tears well up in the eyes.
A sob chokes itself in the
throat. A shiver runs through
the spine. And lips struggle
to smile through it all.
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