Monday, 4 August 2008

Be with me

I want you to hear me,
When the heart speaks its tongue;
I want you by me,
When the body cries out its desires.

I cannot ask for your heart,
I cannot ask for your life,
But I know I can, and so will ask for your company.

When the sun rose last morning,
You were by me, sleeping like a baby;
When the moon smiled benignly
He had the same look like you as you kissed me.

I do not ask why it cannot be so forever,
But hold me tight, baby, as long as you can.

We are no Romeo Juliet,
We are no Troilus Cressida,
But we can be like the sun and sunflower…

Do not leave me alone,
Do not turn away from me,
Let us be like this, together
As long as we can…
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