Monday, 18 August 2008

Expectations -- 21st November, '05

Accidents happen in life

Early in the morning,
You wake up from a nightmare
And you know something
Will go wrong with you today.

Either an embarrassment at the workplace,
Or a tiff with a friend,
Or a road accident,
Some close relative may die:
Imaginations grow ghastlier every moment,
And something forces you to be wary.

Yet, that which you'd
been waiting for happens;
You discover your best friend's been cheating on you,
(You knew since the last few months
She was being furtive, but still...)
And you want to break down into hapless cries.

You don't want to ask why it happened
(it was to happen, after all)
But you want to know how it happened --
How you lost your dear friend,
And how she lost you.
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