Monday, 21 January 2013

All is well

If all was well,
You and I would have
stood hand in hand
by the door of our
two-storeyed bungalow
by the stream-side,
lined with jackfruit trees,
orange boughs
and wood-apples;
Watching the crimson sun
set by the far-away hills
dotted with teaks and firs;

If all was well, 
I would have been
hugging my publisher,
accepting a cheque of six digits,
looked on by a
beaming mother,
awaiting the publication
of an elite selected works;

If all was well, 
You'd have brought home
a jewel-case,
which I'd have playfully
and then made you
wrap the emerald necklace
around my neck,
and you'd kiss my hair
as you did so;

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